I am back, finally without Acy

Hey guys, I am back, finally. My Acer TimelineX 4820TG took it last breath, more than 2 months ago. I named it Acy, she was a workhorse of a notebook. I used her for everything, for the university, for my gaming needs, my work and for my amusements. Acy was a good one, she got hot when we were having fun, really hot. I couldn’t even put Acy on my lap, to use her. She would have burned my legs, so hot was she.

Then came a time where she lost here spark, she couldn’t even start for a few seconds. I had all my accounts, all my passwords, on her brains. She had 2 brains, one was the main hard disk with Windows 7 and other important programs, the other was my or archive with all my music, videos, pictures and documents I wrote, took and filmed.

The first thing I tried was to look up a repair service and bring her to them. Well, it didn’t work well, they told me that her backbone(motherboard) burned through. It would cost me 250,00 Euro to get her back to normal. I was fighting with my wallet over what was right and what was wrong, my wallet was really tight over money. Whenever money was pooled in, it would try to grab everything it could and not let it go again. At the end my wallet won the match, it told me that I could get a new notebook for 500,00 Euro with the same or better specs. And this was also the argument, which managed to let me go of Acy.

It was too much for me, I’m not rich, have to pay bills and thought. As long as my data was okay, I could move on. All my data was rescued by me, I took the brains out of Acy and started to spend less money on everything else. I stopped eating out, started using a bicycle to work. Read more books or watched more tv instead of going to the cinema.

Now I’m back, a lot earlier than I thought, I bought a used computer for 50,00 Euro. So that I can start using the Internet again. With all my passwords and accounts, even my email password was on my Acy, I used the program KeePas, to safely guard against a lot of threats. I managed to get my 2 brains from Acy to work in the newly bought used computer. All my data is safe, I had to copy my data from KeePas and other important data to my archive so that I can reinstall windows and the important programs.

My newly bought computer has a little more power than my Acy, better specs overall. The only negative is, that my computer is not handy and that I use my TV as a screen. Because I don’t wanna buy a new screen for this old thing.

Now I have to apologize to some people who were counting on me. Gotta make a move on a woman I found recently.


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The Longsword Chronicles

Here is one of my favourite reading series, I started reading it after finding it out on a forum. Never thought that I would love it. I slashed through all the books in less than a week. I couldn’t stop reading after beginning, even so that I had to take some days off from work. I hope that you will like it, all the links are from Amazon to their Kindle download page.

King of Ashes: Book One

The Longsword Chronicles by the author GJ Kelly is one of my favourites, the story is about Gawain, the son of the King of Raheen Davyd. After turning 18, he has to leave his country for one year and a day never to return never to mention who he is. After departing from the impregnable plateau where his homeland is located. He travels the lands and finds out that the population is paralysed by fear thanks to the workings of the Ramoths, the Ramoths are a vile cult of darkness.

In his journey through the lands, he meets all different types of man. After all the happenings, he returns to his homeland to inform his father of all the dangers which are lurking under their homeland. Just to find out that his country…

King of Ashes: Book One (The Longsword Chronicles 1)

Sword and Circle: Book Two

Quote from amazon:

With the Kings’ Council at Ferdan reeling from the sight of Morloch and the shock of betrayal by wizards of the D’ith, the King of Raheen rides in haste once again to his devastated homeland. There, he hopes, the wizard Allazar will discover the reason for Morloch’s dread on learning the true identity of the Longsword DarkSlayer, Gawain, King of Ashes. And there, he hopes, that reason, if revealed, can be used against Morloch and the dark armies of the north gathering in the wastelands beyond the farak gorin. But some things are, perhaps, best left shrouded in the mists of myth. The nature of the conflict between the kindred races of Man and Morloch is about to change forever…

Sword and Circle: Book Two (The Longsword Chronicles 2)

Sight and Sound: Book Three

Quote from amazon:

Come at once to Shiyanath. Urgent.

So said the message from Brock of Callodon, propelling Gawain and Elayeen along a path abandoned a thousand years ago, a path no man or elf has dared to tread since the mysterious destruction of the great city of Calhaneth lying in ruins at its end.

Morloch’s armies are mustering in the north, Elayeen remains enthralled by the sight of the Eldenelves, and a wizard of the D’ith holds the key to their speedy arrival in Elvendere where, Gawain hopes, his queen will be restored to him, and the reason for Brock’s ‘urgency’ will be revealed.

Hope, even when it’s of the futile variety, is still hope. And Morloch is still far from defeated.

Sight and Sound: Book Three (The Longsword Chronicles 3)

Sticks and Stones: Book Four

Quote from amazon:

Morloch’s army of thousands is preparing to advance from the north, elves have abandoned the lands east of Elvendere, and rogue wizards are at large wreaking havoc behind allied lines. Elayeen’s Sight is desperately needed but seems to be fading fast, Allazar’s knowledge of Morloch’s Pangoricon is becoming increasingly erratic and elusive, and the kindred crowns are entirely ignorant of the existence of creatures dark wizard-made and the threat they pose.

Banished from Elvendere, the three of Raheen and their companions ride for Ferdan, and the pitiful forces of the Kindred Army gathered there waiting for Gawain to lead them to war.

The Battle of Far-gor will determine the fate of the kindred races, and only Gawain believes there is still the faintest ember of hope for them all.

Sticks and Stones: Book Four (The Longsword Chronicles 4)

Light and Shadow: Book Five

Quote from amazon:

Celebrations in the aftermath of victory at the Battle of Far-gor sweep the lands south of the Teeth, but for Gawain there is to be no joy, and his rest is short-lived. Revelation follows revelation, dread and ancient secrets are revealed, and the lands must stand and fight together once more, though this time, in secrecy. While hope shines brightest east of Elvendere, there can be no light without shadow…


Light and Shadow: Book Five (The Longsword Chronicles 5)

Elayeen: Book Six

Quote from amazon:

With the Orbquest bound for Calhaneth, Elayeen is left alone but for her friends in Tarn. Ancient compulsions inflicted by Sword and Circle still demand to be heard, and spies are everywhere. Hunted by Morloch and by a Toorseneth bent on vengeance for the loss of the Sceptre and the return of the Sight, Elayeen flees Tarn, hoping to draw her enemies from her friends, and hoping her enemies will expend what resources they possess in a fruitless search for the Queen of Raheen.

With only Meeya and Valin for company, Elayeen embarks on the journey south, a journey which, she believes, will end with her facing the single most important decision of her life.

But the warnings of elder times should never be ignored. Elayeen is riding into dangers far greater than those she fled in Tarn, and the path she has chosen can only lead to the end of Elayeen Rhiannon Seraneth ní Varan Raheen.


Elayeen: Book Six (The Longsword Chronicles 6)

Urgenenn’s Tower: Book Seven

Quote from amazon:

Last Ridings, the name given to the small patch of Arrun where dwell the remaining survivors of Raheen. It is here Gawain’s Hall is to be built, here Elayeen hopes to build a home and unearth a fortress in which to protect her unborn son, here the new Prince of Raheen is to be born and raised.

But the worms will not cease their squirming and Gawain cannot ignore them. Croptop Hill, Armun Tal, Salaman Goth, the fall of Pellarn. The Orb of Arristanas and the Shadow of Calhaneth. The Battle of Far-gor, and a Morgmetal spike buried in a tunnel beneath the farak gorin and hidden for 1300 years. The pieces are coming together, and while all eyes are drawn now to the west, Gawain knows nothing good comes from the north. What he does not expect is what awaits him in the east…


Urgenenn’s Tower: Book Seven (The Longsword Chronicles 7)

Worms’ Ending: Book Eight

Quote from amazon:

Tension mounts in Last Ridings. Brock’s planned advance across the Ostern to liberate Pellarn fast approaches, and Gawain is plagued by a great snake of a worm which writhes relentlessly, robbing him of sleep, distracting him by day.

Allazar frets too; he has solved an ancient enigma, and neither he nor the King of Ashes can withstand the forces of elder times compelling them once more to action. There are questions to be asked, and there is only one place where the answers may be found.

With the threat of Eldenbeard and Eldengaze hovering close by, Gawain takes his leave of Elayeen and Last Ridings for what they hope will be a brief and final time. Time, Elayeen declares, has finally caught up with them. Time, Gawain hopes, for the ending of the worms which plague him still.


Worms’ Ending: Book Eight (The Longsword Chronicles 8)

GJ Kelly on Amazon

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Coiling Dragon by I eat Tomatoes

Coiling Dragon by I eat Tomatoes is a story about a young boy named Linley Baruch, who seems to be a descendant of a warrior clan with a history of more than five thousand years. He somehow stumbles upon a ring, which he names Coiling Dragon ring, after some action filled battle in the sky above his village, the true power of the Coiling Dragon ring became known to him. He learns that he doesn’t have the means to be a good warrior, because of the blood which is flowing through his veins. Therefore, he starts his life in aspiring to be a mage with the help of the former owner of the Coiling Dragon ring.

Coiling Dragon is a Chinese fiction, it is categorized as fantasy but the official name is Xianxia. Xianxia is a mix of Chinese history, Chinese folklore, mythologies and Taoism.

I eat Tomatoes has finished his work on Coiling Dragon, with approximately 800+ chapters.  This novel is currently being translated by RWX(Ren Wo Xing). The first 299 Chapters are already translated and can be read at www.worldofwuxia.com.

If you want to go directly to the first chapter click here.

To get to the Table of Content try clicking here.

There is also a new web comic which has started releasing just recently. It does things different than the novel, but I think that it is still a good read. Give it a try.

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Steven Seagal the Emotionless

Everyone knows him, everyone fears him, especially his movies with the Under Siege I and Under Siege II. What is so special about him, that I’m writing this? The special thing is, he is one of the people who managed to get me to laugh while watching his parodies. The parodies I mean are the ones from Mad TV, where Bill Sasso was starring as Steven Seagal. How good a bad sketch could be, everyone should watch them and choose for themselves if they like it because it is good or because it is bad. Just like it. Continue reading

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MTV Generation

Hey guys, whats up?

How many of you guys watched late night animations at MTV? I always watched them, when I had the time. I was still a kid but loved the animations and the different style to that of Spiderman and Ninja Turtles. The first one I watched was an adventure action anime, Lupin III was its name. It was about a master thief, his friends and how they earned their livelihood.

I just searched the net to find me some clips and openings. I was lucky to be born in Germany and grow up in, all the MTV animations had original opening songs. The German openings are my favourite openings of it. The funkiness was on a higher level than the other ones.

Here is the German opening I found on Youtube.

Computerjockey – Bcome (a different version is in the link.)
Computerjockeys – Plankton Continue reading

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Legendary Moonlight Sculptor has a Webcomic now

Hey guys, just to give an important notice. Legendary Moonlight Sculptor now has a Webtoon or do you call them Manwha. It has currently a prologue and 3 chapters. I really hope that it will be a weekly release so that I can have enough for my addiction.

Here is the Link to Bato.to

Or here at the translation office Webtoonsreader


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Flash Games 2 – Caravaneer 2

Hey guys, here is the next Flash Game on my list.

Did anyone here heard of the game Caravaneer 2? It is a free to play Browser game. Currently my favourite Game on the net. You can play it in Sandbox mode or in Story mode, where the Story mode is easier than Sandbox mode. Continue reading

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Music while Gaming

Hey guys,

what sort of music do you listen while playing games? Nowadays the problems of most games are, that the music is not staying in the head of the audience. Some game music is just bad, does not suit the game at all or there is not really a soundtrack. Continue reading

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Music, Learning and Writing

What do you guys listen to while learning? Just recently did I start to have extreme difficulties to fix my concentration on something whenever there are talks or other noises present in my immediate environment held. The biggest problems occur while learning in a public library. There is always a hustle going on in my proximity. Continue reading

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Music and Sleeping

Hey guys, what sort of music do you listen to when writing or gaming? I for one use at least three types of music, one to let me sleep, one during my playing sessions and one while writing and learning.

I have a lot of problems sleeping for more than ten years, always staying awake for one or two hours after retiring down to sleep. Continue reading

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